Dr Xin-Yi Chua

Head of Informatics


Dr Xin-Yi Chua is a Senior Bioinformatician with QFAB. She received her doctorate from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) for her work in applying machine learning approaches to enhance performance in inferring transcriptional regulatory interactions in bacteria using the comparative genomics approach.

From this work Xin-Yi has also developed a keen interest in visual analytics; investigating methods to capture information from large scale genomic data to facilitate intuitive and rapid comprehension.

Xin-Yi is motivated by the need to reduce the now apparent gap between data generation and data analysis – the ability to automate repeatable discovery processes and quickly highlight regions of interest for further verification will increase how researchers can maximize their efforts.

Research Interests

  • Visual analytics in genomic data
  • Differential network analysis in bacterial gene regulation
  • Comparative Genomics and motif discovery


  • PhD in Information Technology (Bioinformatics), Queensland University of Technology, 2012
+61 7 3346 2125