About Us


QFAB Bioinformatics supports the production of high quality bioinformatics outcomes which deliver high impact publications and patents faster, through the provision of bioinformatics and biostatistics services for life science researchers to analyse and manage large-scale genomics, proteomics and clinical datasets.

What we do

However you define bioinformatics, as broadly or narrowly as you wish, it fundamentally enables the modern day researcher to handle and analyse large and complex data – the big data challenge – an essential part of understanding biology.

Established in 2007 in Brisbane, QFAB (Queensland Facility for Advanced Bioinformatics) focuses on delivering robust, high quality and relevant bioinformatics services for life science researchers to analyse and manage large-scale datasets.

We offer our clients a range of professional services – from contract research, project design and analysis, scientific software development, to designing, deploying and refining the high performance IT infrastructure that is required to support life science informatics.

Our computational biology support ranges from experimental design, data capture and mining through to NGS, proteomic and metabolomic analyses. We are also expert in cross-domain integration with clinical data.

QFAB’s training division provides integrated workshops through to customised solutions in all facets of bioinformatics.

We have a strong track record of delivering results which are grounded in the team’s commitment to continuous learning and innovation, ensuring that our clients can trust in the knowledge and integrity of our support.

Who we do it for

Life science scientists are our clients.  With a focus on client success our skilled and expert team understands the biological question, can help you define the appropriate bioinformatics and biostatistics approach and apply the correct analyses to deliver on your project.

Unlocking the full value of your data, QFAB has become a leading provider of bioinformatics services to industry, clinical, applied and academic life science researchers, including the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, clinical and research communities.

We operate nationally in Australia and internationally with a commitment to continuous engagement throughout the project.

What we stand for

Our highly experienced and skilled team is the foundation of our success.  As a team, we are committed to operating ethically, with integrity and respect at all times.  We believe that open communication, flexibility and honesty are the keys to successful customer engagement.

Early engagement means we can take the time to understand your goals and help derive the most efficient and cost-effective bioinformatics solutions, while the international experience brought to projects by our team members ensures the application of the relevant tools to the right data to answer your particular questions.

We are the research data specialists: responsive, professional, secure and quality focused.