Software Platforms

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QFAB operates a range of Software platforms for genomics and health research projects

Galaxy Australia | Web Apollo | SMRT Link | R Studio Server | REDCap

Galaxy Australia

Galaxy Australia is the national bring-your-own-data analysis platform for processing and visualisation of genomics data. Users simply upload their data, GalaxyAustralia presents the tools in an easy to use GUI, where all the computational configuration is handled by the service. Workflows are stored in individual histories, that can be seamlessly shared with others. Galaxy Australia is part of the global usegalaxy.* group, that has enabled access to standardised reference genomes and also allows Australia to contribute to the core Galaxy code base development. Galaxy Australia is steadily adding new tools and functionality that reflects the dynamic nature of the research community we support. The service is run nationally with teams and compute in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Web Apollo

Web Apollo can be seen as the Google Docs for manual genome annotation:

  • Experimental or predicted evidences for gene models can be uploaded, shared and managed as tracks
  • Gene models can be manually edited with all the history retained
  • Multiple users can edit at the same time
  • What is private or shared information is all controlled

Getting started links:

Access: submit a request if you wish to use Web Apollo for your Queensland-based genome annotation project



Access: submit a request if you wish to use SMRT Link  (Queensland-based researchers) 

R Studio Server

Access: submit a request if you wish to use R Studio Server  (Queensland-based researchers) 



QFAB host a REDCap instance for collaborative projects and training.

Access: submit a request if you wish to know more about how can REDCap underpin your project