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QFAB provides expert biostatistical services to support the design of biological experiments, the biomarkers identification, the collection and analysis of data from experiments, and the interpretation of that data. We undertake collaborations in clinical research informatics and research IT services with a growing number of clinical and translational research investigators.

QFAB provides tailored data mining services to researchers who want to get more from their datasets. By creating customised data mining solutions, QFAB can assist researchers to get more from their existing data sets. By consulting with QFAB early, QFAB research staff can also provide detailed advice on the best methods for data capture, annotation and storage to maximise the benefits likely to result from the application of data mining techniques.

Our biostatistics services include:

  • Experimental design
  • Power analysis
  • Differential expression analysis
  • Regression and correlation analysis
  • Univariate and multivariate analysis
  • Longitudinal study and time series analysis
  • Integrative analysis of datasets of different data types
  • Survey analysis
  • Classification, clustering