EMBL-ABR Webinar 12 JULY: Bioconda and the Conda Package Manager

Thu, 12/07/2018
Fri, 13/07/2018

Bioconda is the most popular and widely used bioinformatics channel for Conda (the package, dependency and environment management tool for any language—Python, R, Ruby, Lua, Scala, Java, JavaScript, C/ C++, FORTRAN). By adding a tool to the Bioconda ecosystem, it becomes widely available as an installable tool package for various operating systems and hardware that is stored in a fully-supported, global repository of bioinformatics tools. This webinar will cover Bioconda basics and how Australian researchers can use it to streamline bioinformatics tool wrapping for use on various systems.

Presenter: Thom Cuddihy, QFAB

Date/time: Thursday 12 July 2018 12:00-13:00 AEST

Registration link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6133177406082234113

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