Associate Professor Camile Farah

Head Oral Oncology Research Programme, UQCCR
“We have been collaborating with the team at QFAB for about 4 years now, and continue to engage their services as a contract supplier of bioinformatics and biostatistics. QFAB have helped our group with analysis of data from DNA microarrays, microRNA arrays, and next generation sequencing studies. Given the increasing sophistication of the molecular and genomic studies in head and neck cancer undertaken by our group, it is vital that we work closely and collaboratively with expert bioinformaticians and biostatisticians. The team members at QFAB have always provided quality data analysis and reports in a timely and well annotated fashion, and have always been keen to explain techniques and approaches utilised to allow our group the best opportunity to interpret findings in a clinically and biologically relevant sense. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with QFAB”.