Thom Cuddihy

Bioinformatician, Software developer


Thom Cuddihy has over a decade of client-focused IT experience, both from working within IT at UQ, and from private industry. Having completed his Masters degree at UQ, he joins QFAB as a bioinformatician and software developer.

He specialises in multiple programming languages including Python, C#, Java, and R, and has a strong background in databases, system administration and high-performance computing. He also has extensive experience working with NGS data and the generation of pipelines for single and multi-omics analysis.

Thom is currently embedded with the Beatson Group providing a range of bioinformatic and sysadmin services including the migration of their computational environment to GVL, and is also providing ongoing software development work on the data client for the RDS Omics project.


+61 7 3346 2638