Justin Scott



Justin has previously worked as a biometrician and biostatistician for the CSIRO, the University of New England, and the Queensland Institute of Medical Research.  He has also worked at the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection modelling climate change and Griffith University modelling koala GPS tracking data.

At QFAB Justin undertakes clinical biostatistical consulting and statistical analysis and programming.

He is a member of the Statistical Society of Australia and the UQ Friends of Antiquities.

Research Interests

  • Statistical approaches to analyse high throughput data
  • Analysis of longitudinal data
  • Analysis of spatial data
  • Linkages between ancient Assyrian, Egyptian, and Hebrew texts


  • Master of Scientific Studies, University of Queensland – Computational Statistics
  • MDefSt
  • PGDipSt
  • BSci
+61 7 3346 2638