Our goal is to improve knowledge diffusion and empower researchers in the use bioinformatics, biostatistics and biodata techniques.

We provide a range of flexible seminar series, courses and workshops – ranging from introductory courses to advanced bioinformatics.

  • Hands-on training workshops: to equip researchers with essential skills to carry out primary analyses of their own
  • Seminars: to provide a refresher on fundamental concepts and introduce more complex and advanced ones
  • Analysis Hotel: to provide guidance and facilitated access to tools, applications, data and resources by being embedded within QFAB team
  • Carpentries: to learn data management and processing by doing
  • Clinics: to provide advice on analysis methods, experimental design, interpretation of results, choice and access to resources and compute infrastructure through short consultations

You can contact us by filling in our Expression of Interest form or contact our Training Team for details on how QFAB can meet your training needs and enquiries about upcoming workshops.