RNA-Seq analysis using R

This hands-on workshop will introduce users of the R software environment to the specific skills and applications used in the analysis of RNA-Seq gene expression data.

Practical exercises will include quality control and normalisation of data for differential gene expression, and linking genomic information to external public datasets.

Learning Objectives

  • Reading and Parsing FastQ files
  • Carry out standard QC tests on RNA-Seq datasets
  • Use the limma-voom R package to produce lists of differentially expressed genes
  • Use of Biomart to annotation of transcripts
  • Use of GoStats to perform enrichment analysis


  • Pre-processing and quality control of RNA-Seq data
  • Mapping and quantification of read data
  • Identification of differentially-expressed genes
  • Annotation of transcripts
  • Systems biology interpretation of gene lists using pathway enrichment analysis

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