Using the R statistical environment - Introduction to R ( 1 day)

Mon, 01/04/2019 - 09:00 to 17:00

Recommended Participants

Researchers looking for analysis capabilities beyond those provided by Excel. No prior knowledge of R is required, but a familiarity with the command-line will be useful. The workshop is relevant for all disciplines, although examples and exercises will focus on biological datasets. Register before 2nd September 2018 and get 50% discount (QFAB members only).


  • The Rstudio integrated development environment
  • The format of the R language - variables, data structures and functions
  • R language and how to read and understand their documentation
  • The import and processing of data within R
  • The knitR package for writing reports

Learning Objectives: 

  • Upload and process data in R to generate plots, figures and tables
  • Install and use packages from the Bioconductor R repository
  • Create and run functions in R
  • Create reports interactively in R
  • Write your own R script for data processing
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